What are hemorrhoids ?

What are hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are venous blood vessels, which are located near the anus. Sometimes, blood vessels swell and stretch, until out of the anus.

This condition is painful and disturbing, especially when ports. There is a stool, sometimes profuse bleeding, pain or discomfort even when sitting. Hemorrhoids become common since the – 20 to life, when starting from the – 40 to life, on average every second person suffers from hemorrhoids.

Women suffer from hemorrhoids than men, probably due to the enormous pressure exerted on the region at the time of birth.

Types of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are divided into two types – external hemorrhoids (piles can feel touch the anus, are veins that really “fell” out of the sphincter of the rectum), and external hemorrhoids (These enlarged veins, sore and bleeding – especially during the exit. But they are not outside anus ).

When a person suffers from internal hemorrhoids, they can during the effort, constipation or pressure, make external hemorrhoids.


Hemorrhoids may lead to pain in the anus, itching Instead, considerable discomfort. There is usually bleeding can be seen in the toilet after departure.

How to diagnose hemorrhoids?

External hemorrhoids are very easy to diagnose, even with a slight flare buttocks and observation. Internal hemorrhoids is more difficult to diagnose – endoscopic examination should be performed – endoscope is a medical device inserted into the rectum and photographing the canal leading to the anus, and allows the examining doctor to examine the state of the canal walls. This is a short and simple test that is not painful.

The danger of anemia

Due to the massive loss of blood during the ports, there are fears the loss of blood and enters the wake of anemia and bleeding hemorrhoids.

Changing habits to treat hemorrhoids

There are several habits you need to change for curing hemorrhoids. First of all, you should avoid constipation by softening the stool. However, by drinking plenty of water, and consumption of nutrient-rich menu in fiber, either by eating more fruits, whole grains, and products rich in fiber, or with supplements.

Not recommended to hold it long before accessing services, and is not recommended to sit a long time in the bathroom.

Non-prescription drugs to treat hemorrhoids

There are ointments, wipes to wipe the buttocks after the exit, and candles sold at any pharmacy without a prescription. In most cases, the activity is shrinking and the blood veins in the anal area, in the hope that when the shrink hemorrhoid is collected into place, within the rectal canal.

These drugs are recommended and are suitable for people who suffer from hemorrhoids easy. When hemorrhoids difficult, these medications may bring temporary relief, in some cases, but not long after, the situation will return to normal.

Ligation Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid ligation is a relatively simple surgical manipulation, which leads to cure hemorrhoids at any level of severity. Treatment lasted a very short time and usually occurs without anesthesia, and is very painful if that is not pleasant. During treatment, hemorrhoid expanded tied with a rubber band, so it decays and falls.

Within two weeks expected significant relief and long-term solution to the problem of hemorrhoids. It is recommended to connect any proceeding only one hemorrhoid.

Preventing Hemorrhoids

The first recommendation would be very strict diet during the struggle with the problem of hemorrhoids, because what comes out of the body, depending on what goes into the body.

A diet rich in fiber, which is based mainly on fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of fluids, and avoiding foods that cause constipation (such as carbohydrates, flour, drinking Coca-Cola, etc.), will help produce soft stools.

If the change in the composition of the nutrient not make the ports, it is recommended to start using dietary supplements that adds water to feces or dietary supplements containing large amounts of fiber. Shortening the duration of sitting on the toilet helps too.


It is thought that the lack of exercise contributes to the formation or the situation worsens hemorrhoids. Physical activity is regulated will improve blood flow and thereby exercise can help significantly in dealing with hemorrhoids or even prevention.

In severe cases a surgical procedure

Sometimes, there is no prevention, surgical intervention is required to provide a solution to the problem and usually, when the case is extreme. During the surgery, performed under general anesthesia, hemorrhoids are tied and then cut by the surgeon. This treatment is called foreign language: Hemorrhoidectomy